Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Recover Lost Data tools download

Accidentally, our data or files can be deleted or they can crush too. Whatever happened, ultimate result is the loss of the data. In that case we need a powerful tool or utility to recover the files. Recover Lost Data 3.1 full Download is one of them. Its user friendly interface will make you much comfortable while using the tool.
Recover Lost Data
Recover Lost Data 3.1
Recover Lost Data 3.1 allows you tan advance search for the deleted files with name, date, size or whatever you want. While recovering a file especially for a large file there remain a chance of corrupting the file or recovering any unrequited or wrong file. It can be especially helpful for recovering lost email or any older version of any files. It can help you recovering files from memory card, pen drive or through USB.

  • Can recover all types or formats of files.
  • Allow recovering of files from memory card, pen drives or other USB portable device.
  • Can recover lost email and other older versions of files.
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